Haitian General Elections Marred by Cholera Epidemic

Haitian General Elections Marred by Cholera EpidemicPort-au-Prince, Nov 24. -Haiti will hold its legislative and general elections on Nov. 28, but a shadow has been cast over the presidential campaigns by the cholera epidemic that is killing people every day.

For the second time, the elections are at risk, given the seriousness of the since health situation. As of Nov. 19, the epidemic had taken 1,334 lives, and more than 23,000 remained hospitalized.

The elections were initially set for February, but an earthquake that devastated almost the entire infrastructure of the capital and neighboring cities forced their postponement to November.

Surveys suggest that the favorite is former Senator Myrlande Manigat, wife of former President Leslie Manigat. Her platform is based on social issues, especially defending the rights of women and children.

Manigat is followed by Jude Celestin, representative of the Unity Party; Charles Henry Backer of the Respect Party, and Michel Martelly of Rural Reponse.

The Nov. 28 elections could be beneficial for some, while others play down their credibility and importance, but many agree that abstentionism will prevail since electing a new government is not the priority of the majority at this time. (Prensa Latina)