Anti-Cubans in Miami Smash Candido Fabre CDs

Anti-Cubans in Miami Smash Candido Fabre CDsHavana, Nov 17. -Cuban musician Cándido Fabré filled a Miami nightclub with fans despite 20 anti-Cuban provocateurs who smashed CDs outside the locale.

The Granma newspaper reported on Monday that the concert was the first stop of a U.S. tour by the popular son musician and his band.

In statements to that newspaper, one of the participants at the show said nobody paid any attention to the disturbance except for its sponsors: the Cuban-American mafia based in south Florida and the mass media that works for it.

"It is incredible that the El Nuevo Herald newspaper has dedicated so much space to giving propaganda to the Vigilia Mambisa boycott of Fabré and not a single line on his talent. This is further evidence of the lack of civility and ignorance that a certain low element has been encouraged by the Nov. 4 mid-term elections," the source said.

That Miami newspaper described Fabré as "a well-known apologist for the Castro regime," and the Mega TV television channel created prejudice among the audience by reporting on the presence of the son musician at the Aché club.

They are the same instigators who vainly tried to prevent the performances of the band Los Van Van in Miami.

They are also the same elements who smashed CDs by the Colombian musician Juanes and made death threats after he organized a Concert for Peace in the Plaza of the Revolution in Havana last year, a show attended by one million people. (Prensa Latina)