Raul Castro Attends Meeting on Draft Party Program

Raul Castro Attends Meeting on Draft Party Program Havana, Nov 11. – President Raul Castro attended the first session of a national seminar on the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Draft Party Program.

The meeting was held on Wednesday at the Higher Institute of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), and attended by leaders and experts who will lead the discussion process among the population.

In a brief speech to the 523 participants, Raul Castro reaffirmed the importance of the work they will do in the coming weeks to prepare the staff who, together with them, will lead explanations of the document.

The text will be discussed in the grassroots chapters of the PCC, with workers, and in all communities, Granma newspaper reported.

During the meeting, Council of Ministers Vice President Marino Murillo assessed the state of economy, and examined the content of the party guidelines.

The seminar, which runs until Saturday, is being attended by members of the PCC Political Bureau and the Central Committee Secretariat, vice presidents of the overnment, ministers, and leaders of the PCC, the Union of Young Communists, and mass organizations.

Members of the ministries of the Interior and the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the National Association of Economists and Accountanst of Cuba, journalists and professors of the system of PCC education institutes throughout the country are also participating in the event.(Prensa Latina)