UN Speeds Up Aid to Haiti for Cholera

UN Speeds Up Aid to Haiti for CholeraUnited Nations, Oct 24. -The United Nations is speeding up medical aid to Haiti to face the outbreak of cholera that has provoked the death of at least 150 people, as confirmed by a high official of the organization Friday.

Catherine Bragg, vice coordinator for humanitarian assistance, said to reporters that the assistance to Haiti includes workers, 300,000 anti-cholera tablets and 10,000 boxes of tablets for purifying water, and soap.

Bragg has just returned from Haiti, and said the areas affected by cholera are at the north of Port-au-Prince, far from the camps sheltering those who were victims of the earthquake on January 12.

Besides the 150 deaths confirmed, there are 1,500 sick people, according to reports of the Haitian government.

The earthquake left almost 300,000 dead people, 311,928 wounded, more than a million homeless and more than 766,000 displaced. (Prensa Latina)