Nobel Prize for Cuban Solidarity Doctors, Claim Grows Online

Paris, Aug 19.- From various Internet platforms, the global call for the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban Henry Reeve medical brigades is growing daily, a clamor reinforced today from initiatives activated in France.


On the social network Facebook, more than four thousand people are part of a group created by the Cuba Linda French association, a site that disseminates information from various parts of the planet to support the request of awarding the island’s health professionals who have faced the Covid-19 in dozens of countries.

The members share videos and news about the work of the brigades that with their contribution to the fight against the current pandemic, continue 60 years of solidarity deployed by the Cuban Revolution in the field of health.

The request to grant the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 to Cuban physicians is also supported by the French website, where signatures exceed two thousand.

‘They go around the world helping everywhere out of conviction,’ said an Internet user this Tuesday, in one of the almost 600 comments issued so far.

French, English, Portuguese and Russian are some of the languages from which the call receives support in

(Prensa Latina)