Cuban 5 Thank Dominicans for Support

Cuban 5 Thank Dominicans for SupportSanto Domingo, Oct 22. -"On the day of celebration of Cuban culture, we would like our sentiments of joyful gratitude to reach the Dominican people," says a letter from the five Cuban antiterrorists imprisoned in the United States for the last 12 years.

During a ceremony at the Aula Magna of the Economic Sciences Faculty at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, the packed audience stood up to applaud the letter from Rene Gonzalez, on behalf of the Five, as they are universally known.

The text was read by Cuban Ambassador Juan Astiasaran, in the presence of Dominican Deputy Foreign Minister Ivan Guiliani, senators Felix Nova and Dario Cruz, the UNAIDS representative for Cuba and Dominican Republic Ana Maria Navarro, and Inocencio Garcia, director of bilateral cooperation at the Dominican Ministry of Economy.

In their letter, the Five expressed gratitude for the Dominican people's position, embodied in a resolution approved by this nation's Senate, requesting justice in their case.

Dominican and Cuban artists joined to offer their art in this cultural activity, which also paid tribute to Cuban prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso for her 90th birthday. (Prensa Latina)