Santa Cruz del Sur takes actions to preserve the Environment

Santa Cruz del Sur takes actions to preserve the EnvironmentSanta Cruz del Sur, Oct 16. –With about 100 hectares of environmental protection works, the Forest Enterprise workers from Santa Cruz del Sur contribute to the recovery of some of the territory's surfaces under its guardianship.

About 70 hectares were cleaned up and there were sowed a great variety of plants at the beach area, in order to avoid the coastal erosion and the debilitation of local species.

Besides, some 30 hectares at Los Raules zone were treated, which is a very important coastal strip for the Southern Enterprise because of the timber-yielding species, among we can find several types of mangrove.

The culturing of hydrographic basins has been another work done by the local workers from that forest enterprise, specifically in the Arroyo Blanco area, where some 10 hectares were planted.

Today, the members of the Forest Enterprise are working hard in order to achieve goals set for the current year, making a greater effort for the forest recovery in Southern Camaguey.