Educators from Southern Camagüey were awarded

A group of educators from Santa Cruz del Sur received the acknowledgements of their local peers, in representation of the thousands of Cubans that participated 50 years ago in the 1961 heroic deed.  It took place at the educator’s party, where retired people were also awarded since they came back to schools in response to the revolution call.

Likewise, several head teachers received the certificate “Por los caminos del maestro”, while tutors of the high schools of the territory were also acknowledged.

Moreover, trade unions of education, sports and science sectors bestowed the medal “Rafael María de Mendive” upon prominent teachers and the cadre’s department of the local direction awarded the distinction “Por la Educación Cubana”. To another group of teachers.

With the delivery act of the distinction “Maestros por la Patria”, the performance of the children and the commitment to keep the Cuban educational work, workers of this sector celebrated here the emulation party belonging to the current year 2011. (Yanayma Rodríguez Molina / Radio Santa Cruz)