Over 240 Million Africans Are Malnourished

Over 240 Million Africans Are Malnourished Luanda, Oct. 14. -While sub-Saharan Africa reduced the number of hungry people by about 12 million, more than 240 million Africans continue to be malnourished, an FAO representative said on Wednesday.

The president of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization's Africa Regional Conference, Angolan Afonso Pedro Canga, made those statements during a food forum in Rome, Italy.

According to Angolan news reports, Canga, who is also Angolan Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Fishing, said that it is time for Africa to more aggressively address its food problem by mobilizing resources in each country.

Canga called on African heads of state to increase productivity in different systems of sustaiable agriculture, and to implement, in the middle term, measures for mitigating climate change in order to reduce food dependence.

He also said that the regional effort to eradicate hunger and poverty must be complemented with concrete financial and technical support from developed nations and international organizations. (Prensa Latina)