Chile: Exit Tunnel to Save Miners is Ready

Chile: Exit Tunnel to Save Miners is ReadySantiago de Chile, Oct 11. -The lining of the exit tunnel to rescue the trapped miners in Chile ended in the early hours of Monday, leaving the track list for the movement of the capsule to move to 33 workers.

According to Chilean authorities, in the early morning ended the installation and welding of the 15 tubes, six meters each, that would cover the first 90 meters of the tunnel entrance.

After having secured the trench that connects the surface with the gallery where the miners remain trapped, we will start installing on Monday the platform as a basis for the capsule, "Phoenix", to remove the miners.

According to experts, the testing process of displacement of the capsule will last about 48 hours, so that the end of rescue operation is supposed to begin on Wednesday. (Prensa Latina)