Galicia and Asturias send solidarity shipments to Cuba

Madrid, Feb 4.- A nine-strong brigade, made up of five Spaniards and four Cubans, traveled to Havana with more than one ton of medicines, sanitary and surgical materials.
The news was release on Friday in Santiago de Compostela, and disseminated by the Cubainformación portal, which also reported the inclusion of 350 kilograms of powdered milk, as part of the Solidarity Ants Project, promoted by the organizations of the patriotic Cuban emigration and against the United States blockade.

“The Solidarity Ants Project is a person-to-person effort to break Washington’s blockade against Cuba,” said the promoters of the campaign, who stressed that it is an extraordinary effort by its organizers and contributors.

In this case, days were dedicated to gather the donation, whose destination will be the Oncological Hospital of Havana, the Institute of Nephrology, the Institute of Hematology and a local hospital in Artemisa province.

The Project has had as a peculiarity that the donations are delivered directly to the receiving institutions, and the “ants”, as the people who carry the shipments are affectionately called, have the possibility of exchanging with the benefited patients themselves.

On the other hand, the activists highlighted the history of struggles in favor of Cuba within the consular region, made up of Santiago de Compostela, Asturias and Cantabria.

In addition to the above-mentioned areas, a press release also ponders the responsibility and dynamism in the actions of the FACRE (Federation of Cuban Residents in Spain). The sources recalled that at the 14th Meeting of Cubans in Europe, held in Berlin, the “Solidarity Ants” project became not only a humanist objective, but also an ideological one, as the US blockade is a weapon of political warfare.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)