Indigenous Leaders Meet in Venezuela

Indigenous Leaders Meet in VenezuelaCaracas, Oct 12. -Dozens of indigenous leaders from Latin America met in Venezuela to plan the strategies to continue with their ancestral struggles.

14 delegations from the same number of countries and more than 400 participants in the 4th Congress of the Anti-imperialist Indigenous Peoples of Latin America will present the achievements of American Indian communities in their emancipation struggle.

Workshops will address issues such as social inclusion and socio-cultural, political and ideological participation with international relevance, as well as the development of the indigenous communities of America.

The meeting will last until next Tuesday 12, Day of the Indigenous Resistance. It is being held in the quarters of Indio Alegre production unit in Elorza, Romulo Gallegos municipality, Apure state.

According to a communiqué of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, that place was chosen because of its historical relevance.

According to the Minister of People's Power for Indigenous Peoples, Nicia Maldonado, the region became the capital of indigenous peoples where they have demonstrated freely their cultural and ethnic expressions.

Representatives from Argentina, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Paraguay, El Salvador, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia, in addition to delegations from different Venezuelan indigenous communities have participated in the previous congresses.

The first Congress of the Anti-imperialist Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, Abya Yala, was held in Venezuela on August 7-9, 2009.

This time the organizers of the congress urged native communities to join the Grand Council of the Nations of Abya Yala to fight against imperialism, capitalism and globalization. (Prensa Latina)