Ecuador Investigates Conspiracy Behind Coup Attempt

Ecuador Investigates Conspiracy Behind Coup AttemptQuito, Oct 5. -The Ecuadorian government announced legal proceedings were being conducted against those responsible for attempting to carry out a coup and kill President Rafael Correa, Interior Minister Gustavo Jalkh informed.

Evidence in the case was obtained via a regular investigative process and includes intercepted radio messages which point to a plot that was planned and organized by several people, Jalkh commented.

All elements were being collected, such as the involvement of leaders from the opposition Patriotic Society Party in the incidents, he said.

Government attorneys are investigating the colonels in charge of the police headquarters that mobilized against the government on September 30, he informed.

The objective facts lead to the conclusion that the kidnapping of President Correa was a conspiracy, while the process of misinforming the police is part of a politically-slanted destabilization campaign. (Prensa Latina)