Venezuelan Socialists Resume Election Campaign

Venezuelan Socialists Resume Election CampaignCaracas, Sept 13. -The United Socialist Party of Venezuela on Monday resumes its campaign for the September 26 legislative elections after pausing to pay tribute to the deceased governor of Guarico, William Lara.

According to the director of the PSUV campaign, Aristobulo Isturiz, the revolutionary alliance of socialists, communists and other left-wing forces will step up what it calls its 1×10 strategy (each activist contacts 10 voters) throughout the country.

After 18 days of campaigning, the PSUV and its allies have the most public presence, through marches, demonstrations and motorcades.

Chavez has given a boost to the campaign by participating in mass mobilizations organized in states governed by the opposition, such as Tachira, Zulia, Miranda and Lara, where 43 of the 165 seats of the National Assembly are up for election.

On the other hand, the opposition plans to increase its street campaigns after initially prioritizing advertising on privately-owned television networks. (Prensa Latina)