Venezuela to Hand over Terrorist to INTERPOL

Venezuela to Hand over Terrorist to INTERPOLCaracas, Jul 3. -Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said his government will hand over a terrorist wanted by Cuba to the International Police (INTERPOL).

A few minutes after announcing the arrest of Salvadorian citizen Francisco Chavez, a pupil of criminal Luis Posada Carriles, the president pointed out that Venezuela will interrogate him before handing him over to INTERPOL, adding that he will be extradited to Cuba.

The man was arrested by Venezuelan secret services as he was trying to enter the country on a false passport at the Simon Bolivar international airport of Maiquetia. After the initial interrogation, he admitted his true identity.

After being questioned about what the purpose of his visit was and who would be waiting for him in the country, the president said he was certain that he was involved in a plot to assassinate him.

President Chavez added that the prisoner asked those who hold him captive to kill him.

How much he must know that he asked an officer from the Bolivarian Intelligence Service to kill him, the president added.

I have the hunch that this gentleman, capable of being killed in a mission, came here to kill me. I harbor no doubts about it, they will not risk him knowing that he is wanted all over the world and that he has well-kept secrets, Chavez noted.

Shortly before reading the terrorist's criminal record, Chavez said the prisoner had planted bombs at the Melia Habana Hotel and the office of Cubanacan agency in Mexico, and had organized the attacks in which an Italian tourist was killed in Havana. (Prensa Latina)