[:es]Cuba Presents New Vaccine against Classical Swine Fever[:]


Varadero, Cuba, Dec 7 .-The Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) presented the E2CD154 vaccine, which acts against classical swine fever, an endemic disease in Cuba.

CIGB specialist Marisela Suárez, the speaker at the Animal Health section of the international biotechnology conference in Havana 2017, told Prensa Latina that classical swine fever greatly affects pig production in the country.

We have been working for several years with the aim of developing a subunit protein vaccine. This provides many benefits because it is safer than live attenuated vaccines (those that have been used so far), the researcher said.

We have already demonstrated during several years of study and work that E2CD154 also has the ability to differentiate between vaccinated and infected animals. In addition, we achieved an efficacy similar to that of live attenuated vaccines, Suarez added.

According to the scientist, at this time the CIGB complemented all the studies required to register the product, which was recently accepted.

This gives Cuba the possibility of having a vaccine developed by the national biotechnology, which will improve the efficiency of pork production.

Also, the specialist said that it is thought that the vaccine also becomes an exportable product since it can be marketed in several countries that have complicated situations with this disease in their geographies.(Prensa Latina)