Peruvian Press Stresses Fidel Castro”s Message

Peruvian Press Stresses Fidel Castro''s MessageLima, Aug 8. – The major news media in Peru gave stellar teratment Sunday to the presence of the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro at the National Assembly of the island and his crucial call to avoid a nuclear war.

"Fidel returned to the Assembly", pointed out a headline in La Republica news that emphasized that the Cuban statesman asked Barack Obama to avoid a nuclear war in the face of the danger of an attack against Iran that would bring about a war with terrible consequences.

The same newspaper offered in its website a video with part of Fidel Castro's message to the National Assembly.

The daily news La Primera also emphasized that "Fidel Castro appeared again in Parliament and urged the US President to consider and not give the order to attack Iran, and so avoid a nuclear conflagration".

"Fidel Castro spoke in Parliament after four years and warned of the nuclear danger that would be caused by an attack by the US and Israel on Iran", noted the international page of the daily El Comercio.

Meanwhile, the Radioprogramas station noted in its website that "Fidel Castro hopes to persuade Obama to avoid a war with Iran" and mentions "the profound hope" of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution to avoid a nuclear catastrophe.(Prensa Latina)