Raul Castro: Cuba and Venezuela are Moving Towards the Economic Union

Raul Castro: Cuba and Venezuela are Moving Towards the Economic  UnionCAYO SANTAMARIA, Cuba, Jul 27. – “We are moving towards the economic union between Cuba and Venezuela” said Cuban President Raul Castro to close the first summit of both nations this Monday.

“It is this a new type of relationship that will allow a better management of joint projects and is at the same time, an important step towards the goal of achieving real economic complementarities, based on the optimal use of the infrastructure, knowledge and existing resources in both countries and, above all, the political will of our peoples,” he said.

Raul pointed out that both nations have travelled a long and intense way together, during which the bonds between the two peoples have been strengthened, guided by principles of friendship, cooperation and solidarity.

“We have found 139 projects with potential for establishment in the medium term, of which a significant number can implement immediately,” said the Cuban President.

The priority sectors in this first group are energy, food, health, mining and light industry, which allows, according to Raul, to concentrate efforts and resources on projects that are strategic for the development of Cuba and Venezuela, and “to ensure sustainability and to strength our political and socio-economic systems.”

Raul assured Cuba’s full support for Venezuela's right to defend itself from threats and provocations, saying that nobody can ever doubt “who Cuba will side with,” in case of any problem.

At the closing session the minutes of the meeting were signed, presented by Venezuelan Vice President Rafael Ramirez, which summarizes the work of both ministry teams, and concluded with the signing of Ramirez and the Cuban Vice President of the Council of Ministers Ricardo Ramírez Cabrisas.

Ministers from the different sectors in Cuba and Venezuela also signed agreements for each new project.(acn)