Salvadoran Terrorist Deported to Cuba

Salvadoran Terrorist Deported to CubaHavana, Jul 8. -The Cuban Interior Ministry on Thursday reported the arrival in the country of Salvadoran-born terrorist Francisco Antonio Chavez Abarca, arrested in Caracas, Venezuela, on July 1.

 According to an official note reported by Cuban television, Chavez Abarca traveled to Venezuela using a false ID with the objective of perpetrating violent actions.

Once his true identity was publicly revealed and international legal procedures duly followed, Venezuelan authorities transferred the Salvadoran terrorist to Cuba on Wednesday afternoon, fulfilling an INTERPOL arrest warrant requested by Cuba, the note states.

Cuba has sought the mercenary for being one of the perpetrators of a series of bomb attacks on Havana hotels and the Varadero beach resort in 1997, ordered by terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

Chavez Abarca will be subjected to an investigation and legal proceedings, according to his crimes.(Prensa Latina)