Health Days to benefit blood donors

Health Days to benefit blood donors  Santa Cruz del Sur, Jun 14. –Since last April, the Committees for the Defence of the Revolution, along with some other entities from Santa Cruz, carried out Health Days in several Popular Councils from this city to improve the blood donor’s care.

Ophthalmologists, stomatologist, workers from the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation and others, offer services to benefit men and women offering part of their blood to save lives in different parts of the country.

This month, as part of the proposals in honor of the donors the Health Day took place at La Caobita Community. The people enjoyed domino plays, sports competitions and other hobbies warmly welcomed by the citizen from this region.

To finish the tribute activity of the current month a lunch was made for the humanism barriers in this territory and the detachment of open-handed humanism keepers that has now 30 people. . (Yamilé Agrenot Castillo / Radio Santa Cruz)