Cuban Weightlifter Cambar Wins Gold Medal

Guadalajara, Oct 25. -Cuban weightlifter Ivan Cambar won the gold medal in the 77-kg division in the 16th Pan-American Games on Tuesday.Cambar gave an impeccable performance, winning the snatch with 150 kilograms and the clean and jerk with 188 kilograms, and totaling 338 kilograms for the gold medal, the second title won by Cuban weightlifters in the 2011 Pan-American Games.

With this performance, Cuba ratified the Pan-American title obtained four years ago in Rio de Janeiro.

Ecuadorian weightlifted Ricardo Flores (148-181/329) and U.S. Chad Vaughn (147-179/326) won the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

It was Cuba's 21st gold medal in Guadalajara, and the ninth in this or similar weightlifting divisions in the history of the Pan-American Games. (Prensa Latina)