Obama to Deliver a Speech on Oil Spill

Obama to Deliver a Speech on Oil Spill        Washington, Jun 14. -US President Barack Obama will address US people about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that has been affecting American coast for 55 days.

Obama will address on Tuesday on 20:00 hours (local time) from the White House, after coming back from a visit to the area affected by the greatest environmental tragedy in the US history.

Obama will travel on Monday to area amid growing pressures on British Petroleum to carry out stronger measures to put an end to the spill.

During an interview to NBC on Sunday, advisor David Axelrod announced Obamaâ�Ös speech and told about governmental expectations on the government's expectations commitments that BP must take payments for those affected.

Axelrod reiterated government's commitments and said that this "is not a durable crisis, it's almost like an epidemic."  (Prensa Latina)