Cuba Issues Stamps Related to Nature

Cuba Issues Stamps Related to Nature        Havana, Jun 10. -Flags and birds of different countries are part of an edition of 12 stamps on behalf of nature preservation and inspired by the thought of our National Hero Jose Marti.

Armando Hart, head of Jose Marti Program Office, Brazilian theologist Frei Betto and Herman Van Hoff, head of the Regional Office for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean were present at the issue of the series Marti: "Homeland is Humanity".

The two flags of the first Cubans emancipator attempt against Spanish colonialism along with bijirita and colibri birds are part of the tribute to Jose Marti and his concern about man.

The flags of the Dominican Republic, France, Guatemala, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela with their national birds were also included in the issue.

The pictorial exposition Monte Soy (I am the mount) of the Cuban painter Ignacio Estrada was opened as part of the calls to preserve nature. The exhibited 10 oil on canvas paintings are an extension of Jose Marti's concern on nature prevention.

Conferences on Ethics and Environment, Politics and Environmental Education, For a Sustainable World and Environment on interdisciplinary and historic perspectives are taking place in Havana Convention Center. Next forum to take place will be "A World Ahead". (Prensa Latina)