Increased Opposition to Anti-immigration Law in US

Increased Opposition to Anti-immigration Law in US       Washington, Jun 3. -US Local governments, political and social personalities reject application of Law SB 1070 approved by the state of Arizona that criminalizes immigrants.

Tucson, Arizona, joined Wednesday the rejection and supported the demand presented by local police agents against the measure.

Policeman Martin Escobar sued the State government in the Tucson district court last April claiming that the code violates several constitutional rights and hinders the work of agents.

He also said that it infringes federal law because local police lack the authority to deal with immigration issues.

According to KGUN-TV the demand request that the federal court intervene to put a stop to implementation of the law on July 29 after three months of being signed by the state government.

This initiative was also slammed by Los Angeles county in California, whose Governor approved a prohibition of negotiating with companies based in the neighboring state.

This California county has contracts with Arizona companies valued at 26 million dollars.

The county supervisor, Gloria Molina, stated that the Arizona law is anti-constitutional.

Treatment of immigrants received a new impulse this week when a Mexican resident in the country for 20 years, without documents, was savagely beaten by border patrols of San Diego and who died as a result. (Prensa Latina)