Japan: Quake Death Toll Over 10,000

Japan: Quake Death Toll Over 10,000Tokyo, Mar 25. -The official death toll from the quake and tsunami that devastated Japan on March 11 now stands at 10,035, with 17,443 still missing, according to official sources.

Police reported those figures as of 11:00 local time Friday.

Meanwhile, at least 250,000 evacuees are in 1,900 shelters.

Two weeks after the natural disaster, the crisis in the Fukushima-1 nuclear plants still constitutes a concern beyond Japan borders.

According to the Tokyo Electric Power Co, three plant workers were exposed to waters containing radioactive materials 10,000 times higher that normal.

This situation enhances the possibility that part of the fuel in reactor 3 or stored in the fuel rod holding pools has been damaged.

Also, 17 plant workers were affected by radiation of more than 250 millisieverts. The maximum permissible exposure to radiation in emergency situations is of 100 millisieverts.

Contamination by radioactive material has been already confirmed in samples of several types of vegetables, milk and running water taken from areas near to the plant.

Fukushima-1 workers are now focused on reestablishing the electric system of the reactors, which have been connected to an external line and are checking the condition of equipment.

All this is necessary to have the cooling systems rehabilitated in order to avoid a tragedy or bigger consequences. (Prensa Latina)