Making land produce and taking care of the environment is crucial

Making land produce and taking care of the environment is crucial  Santa Cruz del Sur, May 2. -The 70 years that Amado Alberto Avalo Blanco is about to turn does not break at al his spirit. He is always willing to work in the uncountable productive tasks long before the sunrise and he only stops at the sunset.

His 120-meters square crop has a constant attention, and as he claimed, agriculture does not have a fix day or hour, it is an every day work, it is a shirt-sweating activity that in the long shot gives us nice results and contributes to the protection of the environment. An environment clearly damaged by those capitalist people who do no mater what for money and never care about our beautiful planet. “We have to sow, to sow and t sow, we have to take care of the animals, the plants and the planet we are living in".

The mattock and the peak are inseparable "friends" to prepare the furrows and the flowerbeds there are no chemicals in this ground, the organic fertilizer of the goats, rams and the flora itself are enough to maintain the nutrients and to give more strength to the crops.

"This keeps me alive, if I am deprived from this work I die. It is great to know that most of the things you eat come from this patio, to which I put all my strength, so as to help my family, friends and other people. You can not be selfish with what you get from the ground", said Avalo Blanco.
He claims to be a natural guajiro, this Santa Cruz-born with a country man voice, country soul and nature visage. He likes to talk about his results, to offer a cup of coffee, to tell he was born among cows and grew up among cart drivers.

“I learned the first vowel long after having a mattock that is the way it was before. In this Revolution youth has other opportunities, but we have to sow, that is the cal made by Raúl, our President, no body can think of something else, lands do not deliver by themselves; we have to pay attention to them.

Proudly he speaks about the support held by his son Amado Avalo Gotor, an agronomist. They both have boosted the yields in the Burro Censa Banana and that of the Fiat 18 banana. Little ago they sowed 60 little plants of both varieties.

"I told my father that we should sow by season, even in the vegetables where they have already harvested 600 pounds of onions, chillies, beets, there are mango, guava, and avocado trees".

The house is very close the banana plantation, which has already 22 years, it is all green and strong, willing to offer more thanks to the hard work it receives.

Neither the hot nor the bothering presence of the mosquitoes stops the projects of this urban-agriculture man, who is already boosting his ram breeding and has around 112 goats, belonging to the education sector, for the supply of the schools

I have even played the veterinary; you have to get to know the animals, the males need help when delivering, and every species has its characteristics. I know how to treat the animals when they are sick, I buy the medicines with my own money, you can spare no effort when it comes to saving them.

“We are preparing a further terrain now to sow rice. Well if you have nothing else to ask me I excuse me but I have to go, it’s the moment to feed these animals, you can hear them bellowing . Don’t forget to take the chillies I put on the table for you, they are great if chopped".

Santiago Santacruz (Cronista Unión de Historiadores)
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