Chavez Receives Support of Socialists in Relations with Colombia

Chavez Receives Support of Socialists in Relations with Colombia        Caracas, June 1. -President Hugo Chávez received support of his party, the United Socialists of Venezuela, regarding his intention of holding talks with the next Colombian president on the basis of mutual respect.

The minister of Internal Relations and Justice, Tarek El Aissami, told the press that Chávez received support in his effort to re-establish relations with the neighboring country.

But the government is at the peak of an historical hour and we respect each other, to move towards constructive talks in favor of peace and abandon the warring agenda and work together to construct a project of development, El Aissami said.

We wish for peace in Colombia, the socialist leader declared, because it would be the peace of our country, the continent and a sister people.

Chavez suggested on May 27 that the Colombian elections could open the doors for an improvement of bilateral relations.

He expressed that the next counterpart be someone with whom to talk and reach a minimum of agreements of understanding on the basis of respect.

Relations between both countries went through an up and down during the presidency of Alvaro Uribe and worsened even more after signing an agreement with Washington that allows Pentagon forces to use bases in the neighboring country.

Caracas viewed this as a prelude to a possible invasion and accused Uribe to bend to foreign interests to deliver a death blow to the reborn Latin American unity. (Prensa Latina)