Russia-Cuba: Longstanding Win-Win Cooperation

Russia-Cuba: Longstanding Win-Win CooperationMoscow, Feb 11. – The interest of Russia in a friendly country like Cuba, and vice versa, entails a longstanding win-win economic, cultural and sports cooperation with ever increasing prospects.

As the electoral campaign for presidential elections of March 4 is at its peak and makes headlines in every newspaper, the Rassiskaya Gazeta journal devoted a full page to Cuba.

The interest for Cuba grows with the implementation there of the economic guidelines approved by the 6th Congress of the Communist Party, and the presence of Russian firms and tourists in Cuba increases.

For nearly three hours, Cuban Ambassador to Russia, Juan Valdes, answered questions about reality in the Island during the prime-time TV show Work Breakfast, published later by the main official Russian newspaper Rassiskaya Gazeta.

Valdes explained that Cuba has great potential for basic industry and raw materials which are important for economic development, and Russia can hep the Island in tapping those resources.

In fact, Russian oil firm Gazpromneft is already doing work related to Cuba's exclusive economic zone in the Gulf of Mexico, he noted.

Russian oil firm Zarubezhneft is also cooperating with us in the fields of drilling and crude extraction in our shelf, he recalled.

Cuba, which developed its human potential and scientific facilities for years, now has a sound biotechnological potential with bright prospects for collaboration with Russia. Besides, it has one of the world's largest reserves of nickel, said the Cuban diplomat.

Local press media highlight here the international positioning of Russian giants like Norilski Nickel, with a capital of some 12.77 billion USD.

Valdes also referred to prospects for cooperation in energy and power production, as 40 percent of the Cuba's power generation infrastructure was built with collaboration from the former Soviet Union.

Cuba is also improving its transport infrastructure, including road and railroad, a process in which Russia can actively take part, according to the Cuban diplomat.(Prensa Latina)