Some Relief in Guatemala after Hurricane Damage

Some Relief in Guatemala after Hurricane Damage        Guatemala, May 30. -Guatemalans are feeling some relief amid tragedy on Sunday after Agatha tropical storm has lowered to tropical depression category, but leaving considerable damage in its path through the central American nation.

Over 48 hours of heavy rains all over the country caused negative consequences, adding to the eruption of the Pacaya volcano on Thursday night.

The most recent report from the National Commission for Natural Disasters Reduction (CONRED), gives a partial view of the damage as figures continue increasing.

It reports 3,509 houses damaged, 12,602 victims, 61,424 evacuated, and 22 missing. In regard with the death toll, CONRED reported eight, but other sources confirmed 12, including another two related to the volcano eruption.

"Local, municipal, and departmental monitoring is constant and figures change every minute," warned CONRED.

Local press follows the evolution of the damage caused by Agatha, but television channels constantly show images of the considerable damage left by the tropical storm in different parts of the country, though not all correspondents have been able to send their reports because access has been cut off in some territories.

Floods caused by riversâ�Ö overflowing and lack of power are among the main causes that hinder communication with some areas.

La Aurora International airport continues closed. Heavy rains have hampered cleaning of the accumulated volcanic ashes.  (Prensa Latina)