Gulf Oil Spill Effects Awesome

Gulf Oil Spill Effects Awesome Mexico, May 24. -Extensive damage to biodiversity and livelihood may be expected if the gushing oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico reaches Mexican coasts, says National Committee on the Study and Conservation of Biodiversity (CONABIO).

Biologist Jose Sarukhan, coordinator of the National Committee on the Study and Conservation of Biodiversity (CONABIO) said the worst toll would be for regional marine wildlife and habitats if the proportions get big proportions, and not arrives in drops or little sticks.

Sarukhan said there is special concern with the up coming cyclone season, for the tidal winds and currents may further spread the slick towards Mexican and US beaches, and could even probably reach Cuba, despite efforts to downplay its scope.

Deepwater Horizon well is located 5,000 feet deep and the fatal accident, that claimed 11 lives, also struck the second world habitat of 804 species of reptiles, third for 525 species of mammals and fifth for 361 species of batracians.

In addition to off-coast oil production and the environment, there is also irreparable damage from the long-term impact on regional livelihoods like the fishing and tourism industries.

He remembered Mexico has a very ric fauna ad flora. Oil slick like the gulf one deteriorates even more the already affected enviromental situation.

Sarukhan also commented that a big storm could split the actual oil slick which is devided in two parts making more difficult its control

White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs said in Washington that "There's great frustration…, but everything that is humanly possible is being done to cap this oil well from leaking oil and for dealing with the spread of the oil on the surface and underneath the surface right now."

U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Thad Allen told the press "It's 5,000 feet under the surface. There is no human access there," he said. "Almost all of the work is being done with remotely-operated vehicles. That is vastly different, makes this a much tougher technical problem.(Prensa Latina)