Brazil thanks international solidarity ahead of coup attempt violence

Brasilia, Jan 10.- Brazilian government this Monday thanked countless supports and solidarities from the international community ahead of the coup attempt violence cropped up on Sunday.
“The President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva´s inauguration, a democratic celebration act attended by over 60 high-level international delegations, meant a recognition by Brazilian democratic institutions,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement, while pointing out “there has been a unanimous and forceful rejection by countries and international organizations of the terrorism and vandalism actions that have shocked both Brazil and the entire world”.

The Foreign Ministry´s message assured that “the Brazilian State and its democratic institutions will know, once again, how to respond to these sorts of crimes,” specifying the Brazilian government and the Itamaraty Palace “will continue championing and acting in accordance with the 1988 Constitution precepts, under which the country has had the longest period of democratic coexistence in its republican history”.

A great number of nations strongly condemned the insurrection by Bolsonaro´s supporters against democratic powers and institutions.

President Joe Biden described Brazil´s insurrection as shocking, and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated that Washington “condemns any attempt to undermine democracy”.

China “firmly opposes this violent attack” on Brazilian government´s infrastructures, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, while stating that Beijing “supports those steps taken by the Brazilian government to defuse the situation, restore social order and to preserve national stability”.

Russia, on the other hand, strongly condemned “Bolsonaro´s supporters´ insurrection”, and stressed it “fully supports Brazilian President Lula da Silva”.

UN Secretary-General (UNGA) Antonio Guterres admitted being shocked and absolutely convinced Brazil will face such a situation with appropriate responsibility and “the rule of law in Brazil will move forward”.

Likewise, the Argentine President Alberto Fernández expressed his solidarity with Lula’s government “ahead of this attempted coup” and, as temporary Head of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, he called on the region to unite against “the anti-democratic reaction”.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)