Cuba at UN: Total Nuclear Weapons Elimination

Cuba at UN: Total Nuclear Weapons Elimination        United Nations, May 8. -Cuba reiterated the need to adopt concrete actions to eliminate and forbid the use of nuclear weapons totally from the face of the Earth in a call made here Friday.

The call appeared in a communiqué published by the Cuban permanent representation in the UN in a new conference on non proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Cuba was chosen for one of the vicepresidencies, in this forum with the representations of 189 UN member countries.

Cuba made a great emphasis in the concept that nuclear disarming is a very high priority, and there needs for an action plan to fulfill the disarming obligations.

The program will establish a concrete calendar for gradual reduction of nuclear weapons transparently until its total elimination for the year 2025.

While this is going on, negotiations for a Global Security Warranty Agreement for those countries which do not possess any nuclear weapon should be started.

"Cuba highlights the need to defend multilateralism for disarming, non proliferation and control of nuclear weapons," the Cuban delegate said.

Cuba also promotes the establishment and consolidation of Free Zones of Nuclear Weapons in different regions of the world, including the Middle East and the observation and the right to investigate, produce and work with nuclear energy with peaceful objectives.

Cuba is a member of the Treaty of Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons since November 4, 2002.(Prensa Latina)