Local initiatives

Local initiativesSanta Cruz del Sur, May 7. -Creating an social-economic diagnose, by means of the labour resources, taking into account the use of the lands, the food production and the control of the self-financing scheme are some of the measures developed by the group that is running the local initiative in Santa Cruz del Sur.

Achieving the awareness and the love for the cause by the whole staff constitutes the starting point. And it is vital for the integral development and the future of the different entities of the territory.

This allows the study of the feasibility of the progress of the unities located in Southern Camaguey and the long or medium-term opening with foreign shareholders interested in investments, according to the human capital we have.

Despite the lack of initiative-development existing in the country, the local progress for the problem-solving and the importance it implies for the territory, the entities have not had the expected reaction. (Rolando Canaura Sánchez)