US Blockade Against Cuba Remains Unchanged

US Blockade Against Cuba Remains UnchangedHavana, Sep 16. -US President Barack Obama has fallen short on the expectations generated by his speech on Cuba and the blockade policy against this nation, said Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Wednesday.

It is not true the president cannot change the economic, commercial and financial blockade of nearly 50 years, the minister stated.

Cuba´s loss because of this blockade has reached US $751,363 million, he stated when introducing the Cuban report to the UN General Assembly on the need to end that policy.

From the last report to this one, the economic damage to the food import company ALIMPORT stood at US 102.9 million dollars, exemplified the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

President Obama has the power to authorize the importation of Cuban medicines and medical products and authorize payments to exporters, he said.

He said that, among other things, Obama can eliminate the ban on Cuban companies to transport passengers between the two countries.

The minister reiterated that the measure should be lifted unilaterally and without conditions, and those that maintain the blockade miss an opportunity to change and persist in error.

On October 26, members of the UN General Assembly will vote for the nineteenth consecutive time for or against that resolution. The previous year the resolution was supported by 187 nations and rejected by only three. (Prensa Latina)