US-EU: Crocodile Tears

US-EU: Crocodile Tears Havana, Apr 9 . -The US and the European Union contain their convenient tears in front of the suffering of Palestinian prisoners at Israeli jails, while shedding crocodile tears at the death of a Cuban counterrevolutionary prisoner at the service of Washington.

Those tears are part of the script of the anti-Cuba campaign, unleashed after the voluntary death of a common prisoner pleasing the most reactionary US sectors and its European allies.

However, the allies deprived the world from their sobbing when the Abu Ghraib Iraqi prison covered front pages with photos of abuses and outrages by US hit men in charge of the penitentiary.

No one has ever seen them shaken by tortures against terror suspects during interrogations at secret jails, which represents a violation of the Geneva Convention signed in 1949.

Why are they now bursting into fake tears for a Cuban mercenary of long criminal record, and not for the calamities of Palestinian civilians at Israeli jails?

The media open to cover the anti-Cuba defamation campaign disregard what happens at the cold, dark basements of the Tel Aviv penitentiary centers.

Testimonies of survivors and their Palestinian relatives speak of the drama in the six square meters of cells with up to 13 prisoners.

Precarious cell conditions add to physic and psychological abuses. The suffering of thousands of Palestinian prisoners weighed down by that inhuman policy is no enough reason for the US and its European allies to burst into tears.(Prensa latina)