Anti-Cuba Move to Destroy the Revolution

Anti-Cuba Move to Destroy the Revolution Havana, Apr 8. -The anti-Cuba media campaign orchestrated from the US and Europe aims at discrediting the revolutionary process in Cuba, and generate the conditions to destroy its social system, an editorial denounces Thursday.

The front page text published by Granma daily sustains the White House and its allies have launched a new crusade to try to demonize Cuba.

"It does not surprise us. Those are the same perverse methods put into practice for over 50 years, since President Eisenhower approved the plan of anti-Cuba covered actions," the document sustains.

Based on Cuban President Raul Castro's statements that Cuba will not give in to intimidation, the editorial stresses Cubans will wage a battle of ideas on streets and at all international scenarios.

Regarding that, it points out that on May Day, they will come up against the people's strong, unequivocal support for the Revolution, clearly alluding to preparations for demonstrations that day.

They cynically invoke human rights that have infringed and are still infringing in several parts of the world with impunity, the note indicates. Meanwhile, it goes on, Washington uses its mercenaries its own way in the obsessive anti-Cuba drive.

They hypocritically accuse the Revolution for the death of a common prisoner whom they presented as political by the grace of anti-Cuba campaigns and considerable resources they entail, it reads.

They sacrificed him to be a spearhead in the attempt to denigrate the country that most efforts make to save lives worldwide, added the declaration alluding to the death in February of prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

After recalling that Cuba has acted in line with the ethical and political principles encouraged by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, the text highlights that respect for the human being has been the essence of the Cuban system, one of the keys for the popular support for the process.

"Despite constant US hostility and aggression, (…) the Revolution has never assassinated, tortured or disappeared any of its enemies," it states.(Prensa Latina)