[:es]Spain Describes Cuba as a Strategic Partner[:]


Havana, May 13 .-Spain’s secretary of State for International Cooperation with Ibero-America, Fernando Garcia, described Cuba as a strategic partner during the recently concluded sessions of Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).


‘We have seen that Cuba’s trade is growing. In this context, we are going to renew the framework of cooperation for the next four years in the autumn and will continue the flow of high-level visits,’ Garcia told Prensa Latina.

Cuba’s policy and its support to other countries deserve a lot of respect and praise. ‘It is a reference within the Latin American region’ the Spanish diplomat said.

He also stated that during his stay here, he held very productive meetings with Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez; the vice-president of the Council of Ministers and the minister of Economy and Planning, Ricardo Cabrisas; and the minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Rodrigo Malmierca.

The Spanish politician also recognized the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) as an integration forum.

‘I think that meetings like these ones are essential because they focus on pending issues for Latin America and the Caribbean: inequality and its inefficiency in economic terms,’ he added.

According to the lawyer and philosopher, ‘if we progress little by little towards equality, we will have societies with fewer conflicts, more inclusion, equal and with a better projection towards the future.’

Garcia stressed that ECLAC’s analytical thinking helps to understand the current characteristics of Latin America and the Caribbean, marked by an inclusive and efficient vision.

As of his experience, enriched for more than 30 years of relations with the subject, he highlighted the transformations of the Latin American states from their own infrastructure.

‘The world will be very similar to Latin America in 25 years and I hope it will be so. It is a territory free of conflicts, clashes of civilizations, religious problems and where there is intense miscegenation, which is an active factor of the future,’ he added.

He stated that the region has been essential in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the conception of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for prosperous and sustainable development.

From an evolutionary practice, it has made a very good contribution to multilateralism, ‘the only way to govern the world in the future,’ the Spanish secretary of State said.

Before concluding, Garcia stressed that more and more countries in the international community come to this region to invest and improve not only commercial, but also political relations.

‘Spain is an American nation,’ King Felipe VI said and Garcia reiterates the phrase, while recalling that ‘we are friends, partners and allies’; therefore, it guarantees the company of Spain in the transformation processes to develop societies and rescue humankind. (Prensa Latina)