Participation of Cuba in Venezuela’s Tourism Fair Confirmed


Caracas, Nov 11 .-The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Azucena Jaspe, informed that representatives of Cuba, India, and Russia will participate in the 12th International Tourism Fair of Venezuela (FITVEN), which will take place from November 23 to 26.


Ecuador, Indonesia, and Santo Domingo also are among the 12 countries that confirmed their participation in the event based in Isla de Margarita, the official said.

She added that the international pavilion will feature the tour operators that offer the tourism of Venezuela in the world and contribute to the arrival of foreigners to the South American country.

Jaspe also indicated that the national pavilion will exhibit hospitality and transportation services, in addition to tourism corporations belonging to the governorates, including Miranda, which was recently created.

The official highlighted the business conference as an opportunity to propose projects and agreements to develop the country’s tourism.

She also highlighted as another of the attractions of FITVEN a gastronomic sample where attendees can taste traditional dishes of the South American country freshly prepared.

The deputy minister added that the Fair will also have as part of its main objectives to exhibit the tourist beauties of the state of Bolívar. (Prensa Latina)