Russia Denounces Western Diplomatic Cover for Syria

Russia Denounces Western Diplomatic Cover for SyriaMoscow, Jul 20.- The chairman of Duma (Russian Lower chamber) International Affairs Commitee, Alexander Pushkov, today denounced the covering-up of the western diplomatic corps for encouraging actions of armed groups in the Syrian conflict.

Puskkov said that Russia and China's veto to a resolution over Syria, presented by the United Kingdom at the UN Security Council, shows Moscow's stance of seeking a political solution to the dispute in that country.

The political expert also said that the Western is carrying out a diplomatic cover to allow a subsequent escalation of tension in Syria.

The Western's reaction to Moscow and Beijing's veto shows its clear double standard position in relation to a solution to the Syrian crisis, said the lawmaker.

The Friends of Syria group, led by the United States, assumes a double moral position and supports Syrian armed groups, said Pushkov.

He said the Western pretended to understand the need of a peaceful solution and called everyone to hold talks when discussing the recent Geneva declaration, but in fact it was giving parallel signs to Syrian armed groups that all those agreements were not going seriously. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).