Miguel Barnet: Religion is an indissoluble art of our identity

Miguel Barnet: Religion is an indissoluble art of our identity"The artist is considered an explorer of identities." Such a statement becomes irrefutable in the case of Miguel Barnet, since only a few minutes of dialogue confirm that for one of the most illustrious representatives of the Cuban literature, religion is part of our national identity. In his opinion, the expected visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Cuba will be very important.

"It is also crucial for the Pope to come to Cuba. His visit is an act of honesty and justice towards this people and the principles that have marked our revolution. They are principles of solidarity, ecumenism, religious and cultural diversity. So, I think it will be very important to him. "

Miguel Barnet, president of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, expressed his desire that His Holiness, Benedict XVI, has the opportunity to meet many people on the Island.

"Not only with religious leaders but also, he can meet local people. I think he will come to a people and a country, where he will dicover many things because we have just gone through a process of analysis and confirmation of our values, social values and of diversity. The Socialism we are undertaking is against kind of discrimination, be it racial or religious."

Barnet through literature and art defends the nation's identity and is discovering its mysteries from their most genuine origins. This authentic Cuban invit