Cubans in Solidarity with Syria

Havana, Jan 7. -Cuban children and youth organizations addressed messages of solidarity to the Syrian people, who are victims of destabilizing actions promoted from abroad.The messages, addressed to the Syrian youth by the Young Communist League, the Jose Marti Pioneers Organization, the University Student Federation and the High School Students Federation, says that "Make no mistake about it: we, the Cuban youth, support the Syrian people, especially its youth, in defense of their self-determination against the threats and pressure from the United States and its Zionist allies," says one of the texts.In their messages, the Cuban organizations decry any attempt to undermine Syria´s independence, and attribute the situation generated in the Arab nation to "the policy of plunder imposed by the United States and its NATO allies" on the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The messages also call for peace and respect for the right of the peoples to solve their internal problems without foreign interference.

The documents come a few hours after a terrorist attack was reported in Damascus, killing 25 people and wounding another 50.

Washington and other countries want President Bashar al-Assad to step down. They accuse him of crushing anti-government protests and causing civilian victims. (Prensa Latina)