A Representative of Cuban Orthopaedics in Nicaragua

A Representative of Cuban Orthopaedics in Nicaragua Havana, Sep 24. – Marco Salas Cruz considers himself a representative of Cuban orthopaedics in Nicaragua, as he was the first Central American graduated in Cuba specialized in orthopaedics and traumatology. Salas arrived to Cuba in 1981, when Nicaragua was living a dramatic time because of the US aggression through internal revolution.

He was 28 years old then and was in charge of the teaching department of the Military Hospital-School Alejandro de Avila Bolanos.

He was also in charge of medical, nursing care in the area of primary care.

"The aggression against Nicaragua triggered an epidemic of war-wounded and thus the training of Nicaraguan orthopaedic doctors in Cuba was essential in treating wounds," he told Prensa Latina.

"Cuba not only meant the possibility to get specialized training, but also to commit to helping other Latin American countries," said this doctor, who never hesitated about remaining in his country, instead of becoming a drained brain.

Salas Cruz is attending the 22nd International Congress on Orthopaedics and Traumatology (Orthopaedics 2011), finishing in Havana this Saturday since September 19.

He highlighted the high level maintained by the congress through the years.

Regarding Cuban ortopaedics, he said it produces its own means, including prosthesis for the hip and the knee, as well as different implants, plates and screws.(Prensa Latina)