Sancti Spiritus Celebrates 497th Anniversary

Sancti Spiritus Celebrates 497th AnniversarySancti Spíritus, Cuba, 3 jun. -The fourth village founded by Diego Velazquez in Cuba, called Espiritu Santo, began celebrations yesterday of the 497th anniversary of its foundation.

Among the many activities to be held in the festivities is a gala dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the founding of Baracoa, the first of the seven villages founded by the Spanish conquistadors in Cuba.

June 4 is also the date chosen for festivities in Sancti Spiritus, which in three years will be celebrating its 500th anniversary.

Sancti Spiritus, whose historical urban center is a National monument, is noted for its narrow and winding streets, some with cobblestones.

Sale of books and crafts, conferences, competition awards, workshops and Cuban films for children as well as a serenade for the anniversary of the villa are among the attractions of the festivities.

The most noted architectural symbols of the city are the Greater Parochial Church and the bridge over Yayabo river, unique in Cuba. (Prensa Latina)