Marches For, Against Mubarak Fill Egyptian Streets

Marches For, Against Mubarak Fill Egyptian Streets Cairo, Feb 2. – President Hosni Mubarak´s decision to remain in his post until September sparked an outpouring of opponents into the streets of Egypt, assuring they were being defied by the president and his supporters.

Mubarak announced he would not run for re-election in September, but said he is responsible for leading the country into the coming political transition, and underlined that he would die in Egypt, ruling out exile.

In Alexandria on Monday night following the president´s speech, soldiers fired into the air to halt violent clashes between his supporters and detractors.

The tried unsuccessfully to re-establish a certain amount of order in the nation, plunged into chaos for more than a week, and called on people to cease demonstrating, appealing to them to return to normal life.

The first reactions to Mubarak´s speech were learned on Tuesday with the announcement by the president of parliament, Fathi Sorour, that constitutional reforms requested by the president would be made within two months.(Prensa Latina)