Family of Deceased Rejects Anti-Cuban Media Campaign

Family of Deceased Rejects Anti-Cuban Media CampaignHavana, May 12. -Relatives of the deceased counterrevolutionary Wilfredo Soto Garcia rejected a slander campaign that is being carried out by U.S. and European media against the Cuban Revolution folling his death, according to news reports on Thursday.

"That about him being beaten is a big lie. He had no beating marks, it is all an invention of counterrevolutionary propaganda," the deceasedâ�Ös sister, Rosa Soto Garcia, said in comments quoted by Granma newspaper.

"We are very saddened by this campaign that has formed, which has caused great pain in our family," she said, expressing gratitude for the medical care her father received on May 5 and 6.

Her father suffered from gout, high blood pressure, migraine and heart growth, and moreover, he had a very disorganized life and did not follow doctorsâ�Ö orders, Rosa said.

Soto Garcia was admitted to the Arnaldo Milian Hospital in Santa Clara on May 6 with intense abdominal pain caused by acute pancreatitis, and was later diagnosed with decompensation from other underlying diseases.

According to the forensic doctor who performed the autopsy, Ricardo Rodriguez Jorge, who has more than 14 years of experience in this specialty, the cause of Soto Garcia's death was acute pancreatitis, with hemorrhagic symptoms in the pancreatic tail and body.

As a result of previous pathologies, all parameters were altered by decompensation, and no signs of internal or external violence were observed, on neither the anterior nor posterior levels, the doctor said. (Prensa Latina)