Fidel Castro-Malcolm X Meeting Recalled

Fidel Castro-Malcolm X Meeting RecalledNew York, Sep 20. – Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez attended a 50th anniversary celebration in New York of the meeting between Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro and U.S. civil rights fighter Malcolm X.

The Cuban minister arrived here to take part in several UN summits and debates of the General Assembly's 65th session period, which begins Tuesday.

The activity recalling the Fidel Castro-Malcolm X meeting was held on Sunday near the building that used to house the Hotel Theresa, where the two prominent figures met on September 19, 1960.

The celebration included a panel of speakers made up of Rosermary Mealy, author of the book Fidel and Malcolm X: Memories of a Meeting, and William Sales, professor of African Studies at the Seton Hall University, among others.

During the act, Rodriguez sustained that the event's repercussion has deeply marked several generations, and thanked for the initiative to recall that historic meeting.

In September 1960, Fidel Castro traveled to New York to address the 15th UN General Assembly, but faced the hostility of the Dwight Eisenhower administration (1953-1961).

Testimonies of that time reflect the enthusiasm of supporters of the Cuban Revolution in New York, he pointed out.

Referring to current events, the minister stressed that Fidel Castro is leading an international call for peace and warning of the dangers for the world of possible military aggression against Iran.

Rodriguez and the other speakers paid tribute to the recently deceased Rev. Lucius Walker, a close friend of the Cuban people, and a symbol of solidarity and the fight against the blockade on Cuba and for the release of the Cuban Five.(Prensa Latina)