Immunization Against the A H1N1 Virus Underway in Cuba

Immunization Against the A H1N1 Virus Underway in CubaGranma, Apr 14. -Some 373, 438 have been immunized against the A H1N1 influenza virus, which represents a third of the more than a million people, including pregnant women, adults, young people, children and all those suffering from any chronic disease, who are considered to be at high risk.

This figure includes 67,026 pregnant and breastfeeding women now protected from this virus, 86.1% of the 77, 674. 

no side effectS caused by the vaccine haVE been reported so far.

Responsible for the National Program of Acute Respiratory Diseases (IRA) of the Ministry of Public Health professor María Josefa Llanes Cordero told Granma that no side effect caused by the vaccine has been reported so far. Llanes also said that the three symptoms caused by the vaccine—headache, fever and despondency— have been minimal.

The specialist commended the Cuban population for their discipline as they have followed all orientations exactly. All those people immunized should be under surveillance for an hour to be immediately treated in case of any side effect.

So that this campaign has the desired results, LLanes has called on all those listed to be immunized to attend the vaccination clinics when they are told to go, This campaign, started on April 1, will run until April 20. She also reminded people that to be immunized, they should be "compensated" if they suffer from any chronic disease, and as a general rule, such people cannot have any acute disease (flu or diarrhea.)

Dr. Llanes noted that the country is still at the height of the flu season, in which various viruses can circulate, mainly the A H1N1 influenza.

As we know, in these last three weeks, she said, the number of acute respiratory diseases has increased, as around a hundred A H1N1 patients have been reported at the National Lab of the Influenza Virus of the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine. New sick people, serious cases and a death have been reported. So, it is necessary for people follow the preventative measures strictly.