Cuban National Hero Jose Marti to be honored in Morocco

Rabat, Jan 16.-  The screening of the Cuban film “José Martí, el Ojo del Canario” (José Martí, Eye of the Canary) on January 27 will pay tribute to the Cuban national hero in Morocco, diplomatic sources said.

The full-length feature film directed by Fernando Perez that shows passages that marked Marti’s childhood and adolescence will be screened at the Alcazar movie theater in Tangier, as part of the initiatives on the National and International Day on the 170th birthday of the Cuban independence fighter, which will begin on January 28.

This and other activities, sponsored by the Cuban Embassy in Rabat, the Associations of Friendship and Solidarity between Morocco and Latin America, and Cubans and Moroccans in France, also salute the 5th International Conference for the World’s Balance to be held at Havana’s Conference Center from January 24 to 28.

Since 2017, both associations have devoted efforts to promote cultural, academic, and solidarity ties between Cuba and Morocco.

Since 2020, the two nations have been uninterruptedly celebrating the birthday of the most universal Cuban figure.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)