Mass organization work strengthened in South Camaguey

Mass organization work strengthened in South CamagueySanta Cruz del Sur, Jun 18. – The Commitees for the Defence of the Revolution( CDR) in this territory keep a prominent work in the current year 2010.

In a dialog held with Eddy Antón Palmero, top representative of the Economy and Service sphere of the previously mentioned  organization was published that since the begining of the cederist year, more than 33 000 members have fulfilled with the personal and collective dues.

"In this month, 87 donations were supposed to be made and the goal was easily acheived. There is a great motivation, every body knows that Fidel was blood donor and fostered this remarkable gesture".

There are more than 690 donors in this territory, many of them have more than 100 donations and some of them have even more than that.this is a voluntary thing, our island does not make a profit out of this humane contribution, aimed to improve save the lives of our fellow men.

We are working on the elction of the most prominent donors in each territory, so as to determine the ones who are going to be awarded the Municipal, Provincial and National Vanguard distinction.

The CDR keep the cleanliness and beautification of the neighborhoods so as to wait for its new anniversary. They strengthen the cederist vigilance, increase the revolutionary propaganda, and create new donor details, among some other tasks.

Santiago Santa Cruz
Courtesy to Radio Santa Cruz