[:es]Youth will support forthcoming election day in Santa Cruz del Sur [:]

[:es]The forthcoming elections of People´s Power in Cuba are scheduled for November 26th. It will be the revolutionary strength of a country defending its democratic rights versus the vulgar response of northamerican president Donald Trump and the evil minds of his zealots.

Every citizen legally enabled may elect and be elected at 16 years old according to the established procedures. Students of this age in Santa Cruz del Sur are ready to vote.

Yulianni Socarrás Jerez is one of the students chosen as an observer while district assemblies. “It was a wonderful experience, I accomplished the task at district 44.”

The eleventh grader at Henry Reeve High School has another duty: “I´ll be one of the firts to vote, it´s a great honor for me”, she expressed.

Orandenis Cárdenas Palmero, a twelfth grader at the same school, is motivated. “We will demonstrate our commitment in front of ballot boxes kept by pioneers.”

Two students from Raúl Rodríguez Moreno Polytechnic Intitute showed their joy: “I´m an elector who knows its responsibilities. I follow the example of Fidel and my parents ones”, said Dayanis Cisneros Sarmiento.

Her partner in the commerce career Yariel González Menéndez wants to be a salesclerk when he graduates: “Cuban Revolution gives us the opportunity to enhance our educational and cultural background, that´s why we know very well the meaning of this close democratic exercise.”

Youth will support the election day this November 26th in Santa Cruz del Sur involved in the process for improving efficency of People´s Power and the update of economy model in Cuba.[:]